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   w NAUTICAL INN sss s In room

  1200 - 1700 Bahts  c  Stay july 2011     

Adress Phone Fax Internet Website Joiner
10/10 Moo 10 Beach road Pattaya 20260 +66 38 428110 +66 38 428226 ? - www.nautical.com No
This hotel open in 1961 and was one of the first in Pattaya. Located on beach road near Mike Dpt store. A new bulding was added on the 90's. Incredible large garden from beach road to second road. Rooms around the large pool or more nice in the bulding. Photos of room on the bulding near pool. Soft renovation of the bulding around the pool (July 2011). Photos of room in small bulding around the pool.
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By Piero          July 2011

Great location, my room near pool was with 2 entrance doors, about 24 SM2, new pool and restaurant, pay 1250 bahts with ABF

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By BERT may 2008
Nautinn: 25-25-2008

Message: hotel is very old,hotelstaff not friendly ,charged 100 bath for dirty
handtowel ,swimmingpool not clean , aircondition not working propertly ,never
stay here again .