dSAWASDEE PATTAYA df sReception

     975-1150 Bahts with ABF

Adress Phone Fax Internet Website Joiner
367 M10 Soi Diana inn second road Pattaya  +66 38 720563 +66 38 720268 - www.sawasdee-hotels.com No
Hotel of the Sawasdee group with 6 hotels in Pattaya and some in bangkok. Initially this hotel offer a pool on the other side of the street. Like every Sawasdee hotel good quality for the price.

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  REVIEW ON JULY 2010 ON         

The Sawasdee Pattaya Hotel is on Soi Diana Inn, directly across the street from the LK Metropole Hotel. Soi Diana runs from 2nd Road (at about Mike’s Mall) to Buakow. The Sawasdee is on the South side of the road, near the Buakow end. Being in the LK Metro area, it is convenient to Lolita’s, Devil’s Den, Champaign and Oasis gogos, (and I think the new-since-I-was-there Office gogo). Baht Busses run both North and South on Buakow. If you walk down to 2nd Road there are North bound Baht Busses. Also Mike’s Mall. So it is easy to get around town from there.

It’s clean, comfortable and cheap. I stayed two nights @ 600 Baht/night, payable in advance. In addition there was a 500 Baht key deposit, returned at check out. Breakfast is included. If you stay longer, I don’t know how much would be payable in advance.

The room is not huge, but large enough. Air conditioning is good and the bed is comfortable. The room has a telephone. It has a TV (not-flat panel, maybe 20 inches) which I didn’t use. There is a fairly large bathroom, but it is vented to the un-air conditioned hallway, so if you want to cool down your room you need to keep the bathroom door closed and let the bathroom be warm.

There was a small refrigerator and they provided two small bottles of water per day. I don’t think there is a swimming pool, but I didn’t look for one. The room was quiet. The view out the window was of the building wall next door.

There was no in-room safe. I had to leave my stuff in a safe deposit box at reception. That is the major reason I wouldn’t stay here for an entire visit. The safe deposit boxes are not available after midnight. I had to leave VERY early for he airport, so I left a request for a wakeup call. It turned out to be a knock on the door, even though there was a phone in the room.

For the complimentary breakfast, you get to choose Asian or Western. I chose Western—generic egg based breakfast with a sausage that looked like a small, boiled hot dog (didn’t eat it). They didn’t offer an option on egg choice, they were fried. I guess you can’t complain when it’s free, but I was spoiled by Canterbury Tales Café breakfasts which were better.

Since there are many guesthouses in the area, for the same or less cost, how does this compare? I’ve only stayed at Canterbury Tales but, assuming the other guesthouses are similar:
• Room cleaned every day
• 24 hour lobby/reception
• Wake up call available
• Travel service in lobby
• Free bottled water
• Free breakfast
• Very good air conditioning
• Smaller room
• Bathroom open to un-airconditioned hallway
• Smaller refrigerator
• No room safe
• Less personal service
• Costs a little more, (at least more than Canterbury Tales)

If I stayed in the same area again, I’d choose a guesthouse (the gamebreaker for me would be the in room safe). I stayed here at the end of my trip because I needed to head out to the airport at about 3:30 AM and the 24 hour reception let me check out in the early hours. Depending on what you're looking for your choice might be the opposite of mine.

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