HOTELS OPEN IN 2014 - 2015   x


Many new and design hotels since 2008-9, over 10 new hotels every year, some of really great quality like Dusit D2, Idyll, Hilton or Centara mirage

Hotels open in 2011-12

Hotels open in 2013

Hotels open in 2016-19

OPEN IN 2015

x B2 On third road near south Pattaya

sBALIHAI BAY              On the end of Walking Street

s SERENOTEL                                 On beachroad between soi 10 and 11

y GOLDEN TULIP ESSENCE   On Naklua large complex

x MOMENTO RESORT           On Pattaya center near Sukhumvit room from 790 B

x D LIVING                                                     Luxury rooms around the pool in Jomtien

sSN PLUS                                                          Traditional european style hotel on third road

y SIAMESE HOTEL                                  Large and design hotel on Naklua

s W 14                                                                      Design hotel on walking street, with pool on the roof

s BEDTIME                                                          Formerly Classic hotel, near Central and second road


OPEN IN 2014

aZING                                  On Thapraya road, large pool

x SIAM@SIAM                                       Soi 2, great quality with seavier

sHOLIDAY INN EXPRESS        Finally open on 2019

s A ONE STAR                      On soi 3 , large and cheap

dSEASON FIVE                                        On soi 5 quality, pool with beach view

x 247 BOUTIQUE                               On soi Honey Inn with pool ion roof

x CITRUS PARK                                       On the hill between Pattaya and Jomtien

x PREMIER INN                                          Hotel on soi 15

s RCON SIAM                                                   Hotel between soi Buakhao and second road

xWORABURI THE RITZ               Hotel between third road and Sukhumvit

a TWEETTWEET                                        On soi 8 Really large room

sMERCURE OCEAN RESORT     On soi 1, spectacular pool