HOTELS OPEN IN  2011 - 2012   x


Many new and design hotels since 2008-9, over 10 new hotels every year, some of really great quality like Dusit D2, Idyll, Hilton or Cebtara mirage

Hotels open in 2009-10

 OPEN IN 2011

x SEA ME SPRING              Hotel from the Summer group, great location soi 10

xc CHADA THAI HOUSE                Nice thai design hotel on second road

c LK EMPRESS                     Open  on beach road soi 12

d BAAN KHUN NINE                            Open in January quality hotel soi 2

s WAY                                                                        Right on the beach on Naklua

c CRYSTAL PALACE                              New wing, on Naklua-Pattaya road

v  SUNSHINE TOWER                         New wing of Sunshine, soi 8, with 2 new pools 

 OPEN IN 2012     

SEA ME SPRING TOO                   Great location on soi 10, wonderful pool

x SEVEN ZEA CHIC                               On soi 5, pool with beach view

x CENTARA PATTAYA                  Near Central road, good quality

c NOVA HOTEL & SPA                  From Centera group, first clas, near central road

c PRIVI                                                              On soi 13, second road

c MONTANA COURT                     Old hotel renovated soi Pattayaland 1

f LE VERNISSAGE                           Located on third road

f NEO                                                                   On the busy area at entrance of Jomti

d FOURTEEN AGAIN                        Old Tim bar completly renovated

s RCON BLUE                                               On soi Buakhao, great quality

d ROSE BAY RESORT                        On second road backside The Cottage

s SANDARA RESIDENCE             Soi Lengkee, small with great quality

dCAPE DARA                                                  Great luxury on Wong Amat beach

sHONEY INN                                             Second road, in front of the old Honey Inn

dH BOUTIQUE                                           Same street and design as Honey Inn

aNP RESIDENCE                                      Second road on soi New Plaza

xSUN XCLUSIVE                                     Good location

Hotel open on 2013

Hotel open in 2014-15